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C++, Linux, GDB, BASH, Software Security, Python, JavaScript and everything related


About me


I am fascinated by everything related to computers. I feel the need to understand how things works under the abstraction.

This strong interest in technology led me to graduate in Computer Science.

When I am not working/coding/hacking, I spend my free time reading about technology.

I enjoy snowboarding, pc games, travelling with my family and having a BBQ with friends.



Software Development Kit


Programming Languages:

My main tool is modern C++. However, I'm always tinkering with others languages such as Python and JavaScript.

Operational System:

Linux became my OS of choice due to its powerful environment. The terminal is my home.

Best Game ever:

Quake (from the original team at idSoftware).



Software Development

  • C++
  • Python
  • JavaScript


  • Bash scripts

Embedded Systems

  • Arduino
  • Raspeberry Pi


Links to my projects not yet available!


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